Church Signage

Church Signage: Guiding the Flock Inside and Out

You work hard to make sure your church is a welcoming place for all. Your church signage should reinforce that message. Your church is comprised of a diverse group of people who all bring their own talents and ideas to the congregation, which gives your church a personality– a brand. Choose interior and exterior church signage that tells the story of your congregation, welcomes all comers and informs both members and visitors of events and opportunities.

Create a sense of belonging (and even fun) in your church with environmental graphics.
It has to be easy for visitors to navigate your church. Wayfinding signage makes it possible.

Where to Start

Consider bringing in an expert for a site assessment to establish a baseline for the success level of your church signage. They will help you answer questions like: Is your exterior signage visible and engaging? Are entrances and exits clearly marked? Is your interior signage consistent with the exterior? Does your church signage provide good wayfinding so visitors feel comfortable? Does your church signage create a sense of place that lets everyone who enters know what your church is all about?

Experiential Marketing Statistics


Of people have said they made the decision to enter a facility based on exterior signage.

3 minutes

The amount of time it takes a visitor to a facility to form a lasting first impression.


Of consumers said signage quality informed their opinion of an organization.

Exceptional team. Brittany really cares about the customers. Along with the sales and design team, making sure everything is consistent with your brand and advertising needs. As soon as you walk through the doors you’re greeted with a warm and trusting welcome. Anybody can make a sign, but it takes a team to elevate your brand. Choose SignWorks.

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