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Signworks offers comprehensive graphic design services. We have designed corporate identities and branding guides for every type and size of client, including municipalities, churches, universities and for profit businesses.
Your brand’s message should connect your story to your target audience and enable them to be a part of something bigger than themselves. The right brand moves people in the right direction. Our goal is to work with you to capture the attention of your target audience. Our designers craft an identity to fit you and tell your story in a clear and engaging way.

Experiential Design Signage

Experiential Graphic Design

Signworks thrives on making practical solutions available for great causes and companies. Our team is passionate about using our skills and experience to help people connect with your story. We do our best work when we can help make your story an integral element of the built environment. Your story should flow with the building’s design and engage multiple user groups. Our designs capitalize on architectural features and work in tandem with the interior color palette and materials. No matter the media, it’s all about storytelling.
Our approach to experiential graphic design draws upon two necessary parts for every successful project: your story and the functional realities of implementing it. Every project has a story. In experiential design, this story is told in three dimensions. Your brand, visitor communication, architecture, interiors, lighting and landscape design must combine to effectively communicate. What’s more, Signworks doesn’t stop with the completed design but actually builds and implements the project.

Wayfinding Design

Wayfinding Design

Wayfinding and directional signage helps visitors connect to the destinations and events that make each place unique. Our systems are first and foremost underscored by thoughtful programming and planning that translate into a design that tells your story. Signworks develops systems for improving circulation and traffic flow while communicating that story. You want navigational (directional) signage to be displayed at the right time and the right place. We merge information and visual design to help people find their way through complex environments more comfortably and more successfully.
Our firm is committed to intelligent design solutions that consider the needs of the various user groups that will occupy the space and the unique abilities, limitations, memories and associations they may have.

Engineering Design

Our unique capability to perform both design and implementation services means you will never again get pretty pictures you cannot build in the real world or afford to implement. Signworks understands the necessary emphasis on the design engineering phase of each project, and we devote a considerable effort to developing the optimal build strategy with every client, and then documenting that strategy in a set of construction drawings.
Our experience coordinating and collaborating with architects, land planners and engineers allows us to fuse our work with every component of a project. Our goal is to make sure that all stakeholders are in agreement with the fabrication strategy and that there are no surprises when the products arrive on site.

Public Spaces and Art Signage

Site Assessment

Signworks’ veteran project management team is made up of experts at studying the project’s architectural drawings and recommending options to ensure the landscape and/or buildings will be ready to support the installation of our custom fabricated structures and architectural elements. This includes examining soils reports, assessing architectural interface to minimize building penetrations and planning for ways to discreetly implement electrical components. These efforts allow Signworks to prepare and deliver a detailed and coordinated design package to the architect and general contractor.
As the project progresses, Signworks’ team of field personnel provides the eyes and ears on the ground, gathering field verification data, proactively catching potential conflicts and communicating with the project team to ensure a well-coordinated fabrication and installation process.

ANNEX Market Signage

Approvals & Permitting

As urban planning has progressed the last few decades, the code enforcement of local municipalities has made the process tougher to get your proposed signage approved. We provide entitlement expertise at the start of the idea process to make sure your story gets told and approved.
We have also helped many clients with existing facilities assess their current exterior signage and lighting presence as well as allowances from the respective authorities. Some of our clients have had several facilities that need re-imaged or re-branded. We approach these projects with careful research and analysis to meet both client and local requirements. Then, we offer time-effective service to help this transition.

Custom Signage


Signworks is a full service custom fabricator. For more than 25 years, we’ve been crafting the finest custom elements for a broad range of venues, incorporating a multitude of materials, methods and finishes. Our team of experienced craftsmen and fabricators combine to produce the highest quality products across a variety of disciplines. They bring a unique blend of construction skills and artistic talent, crafting their work with great passion and pride.
We manufacture our own products using many media and materials including aluminum, acrylics, digital prints, wallpaper, concrete, GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete), steel, sculpting epoxy, composite wood and various plastics. Our team selects the right mix of materials to tell your story with quality to last for many years.


Your story is important; that is why we spend so much time listening to you and getting your vision right. Our unique approach to storytelling includes designers and fabricators working side-by-side to provide original elements for your project. Our ability to provide turn-key services to your project allows for us to be tremendously innovative with our designs. We design your project to not only be aesthetically pleasing and creative, but also to be fully functional and cost-effective.
With expert field installation teams, Signworks completes projects throughout the country. No creation and installation is too big for our team. All installations are supervised by an experienced project manager who oversees the installation process from start to finish and acts as the primary liaison to the client and other trades during the process. All of the components for your project are carefully loaded and shipped to the site.

Custom Interior Signage

Project Management

Signworks’ dedicated team of experienced project managers are key to the overall value we bring to each project. The commitment of our multi-disciplinary team allows Signworks to assess each opportunity, identify those aspects distinctive to a problem and assemble the necessary resources and expertise to solve the problem. Each project presents a unique set of circumstances and needs.
Our project management staff directs each project with an emphasis on maintaining a clear vision of the design, schedule and budget. From the most comprehensive strategy and manufacturing excellence to delivery and fulfillment, Signworks’ project managers ensure an efficient process. Our proclivity for expense control produces cost efficiencies for our clients throughout planning, design and construction without compromising creative integrity.
When the project calls for it, Signworks partners with skilled and experienced professionals and consulting firms. These specialized partners complement our staff with specific expertise and production capabilities.

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