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Unique Pipeline Signage Unique Pipeline Signage
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Since our earliest beginnings, we’ve had the opportunity to fabricate nearly every kind of sign you can imagine, for virtually every possible venue type in the US. The process of creating signage can be difficult to navigate alone. With experience taking a project from concept to installation, the result will be signage that is uniquely yours and something you can be proud of.


Interior signs can create a mood, reflect your values, and cheer up employees and visitors on an otherwise bad day. In fact, your interior backdrop, with its color, pattern, graphics, light and shadow provide your visitors an experiential description of who you are.

Custom Interior Signage Custom Interior Signage
Indianapolis Motor Speedway Public Spaces and Art Indianapolis Motor Speedway Public Spaces and Art
Public Spaces and Art Westfield Public Spaces and Art Westfield
Public Spaces and Art Westfield Public Spaces and Art Westfield
Public Spaces and Art Westfield Public Spaces and Art Westfield

Public Spaces & Art

Creative placemaking through public spaces and art gives an air of sophistication to the locale. It invites active dialog. A good public space is not only inviting, but it also encourages public participation and goes the distance to establish an incredible sense of community. Do we even need to mention that it also attracts visitors to your businesses?

Architectural Features & Lighting

We never underestimate the power of nuance. Architectural features and creative lighting bring a whole new level of awe to your project. Sometimes underappreciated, lighting affects the way people experience architecture. Playing off both natural and artificial lighting, architectural features can set your brand apart from competitors.

Wayfinding Indianapolis Motor Speedway Wayfinding Indianapolis Motor Speedway


Nothing is more frustrating or intimidating than not being able to get around a city, large complex or any building for that matter. Wayfinding signage helps people solve spatial problems as they move through your various spaces. And good wayfinding increases the likelihood of repeat visitors, which in turn can positively affect revenue.

Landscape Architecture

As Signworks’ clients have come to understand the breadth of our capabilities and the quality of our craftsmanship, they’ve broadened the spectrum of custom products we create. Many of those products fall into the landscape architecture category. Leveraging our core expertise in metal fabrication, woodworking, electrical and a variety of specialty finishes, Signworks has produced a number of landscape products including statues, bike racks, benches and other unique architectural elements.

Landscape Architecture Landscape Architecture
Office360 Fleet Graphics Office360 Fleet Graphics
Vehicle Wrap Blood Hound Vehicle Wrap Blood Hound

Fleet Graphics

Fleet graphics, aka vehicle wraps, are an important part of your brand identity. They act as moving billboards boosting your name recognition by 15 percent, reaching 30,000 to 70,000 sets of eyes each month, getting 1,000 to 2,300 views per day. Plus with technological advances in adhesives, you can choose temporary or long term vehicle wraps depending on what you want your traveling sign to do for you.

Create something beautiful.

Signworks is the clear choice for sophisticated design.

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