Wayfinding Signage

Wayfinding & Directional Signs: Improve Visitors’ Experience, Safety, and Productivity

Making your business an accommodating and comfortable place for visitors is no trivial matter. Each business has a unique story to tell, but that story can’t be told if guests are lost, confused or unable to connect with the events and locations in and around your facility. Used properly, wayfinding and directional signage can be a valuable tool to orient visitors to your location and translate your brand. Don’t know where to start? Engage a wayfinding expert to conduct a wayfinding audit and make recommendations.

Help your visitors connect with your space.
Facilitate the flow and enhance the experience.
Where wayfinding increases loyalty.

How To Do Wayfinding

Thoughtful planning and programming leads to information and visual designs that contribute to developing systems for improving circulation and traffic flow. Intelligent directional signs and designs placed in the right spot and at the right time help guests navigate complex environments and effectively articulate a business’ story and brand. Across the United States and in various industries, Signworks creates directional and wayfinding signage that artfully merges engaging visual design and pertinent information to effectively guide a visitor through not only the physical space of the business, but through story of the brand as well.

Directional Signage Statistics


Of people’s knowledge is acquired visually.


Of perceived wait time is reduced when proper and engaging (directional) signage is posted.


Of building evacuation times were reportedly reduced when highly visible wayfinding signage was prominently displayed.

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