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Educational Signage Installation Columbus IN

Signage for Universities, Collages & Schools

Signworks has been providing marketing and educational signage graphics in Columbus. IN for over 30 years to help you tell your story. From elementary schools to major universities, we have been an integral and valued partner to many learning institutions large and small.

Our services include:

Educational illuminated signage
Educational non-illuminated signage
Educational LED signage
Educational dimensional signage
Educational way-finding signage
Educational monumental signage
Educational ADA signage
Educational logo creation
Educational branding
Educational signage permitting

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Why Buy Custom Educational Signage?

Educational institutions need to make sure that a new change is worth the investment both academically and financially.

Instead of building custom school signs from scratch, schools can purchase signage from a third-party company such as Signworks. Our signage uses the same type of material as traditional construction signs – aluminum, wood, or fiberglass. This gives schools and school districts the ability to quickly buy quality-made, educational signage that will be unique to them.

Each sign is customizable to meet the needs of the particular school. This kind of tailored service makes it easier than ever for school districts to design effective, engaging school entrance signs that attract students and parents.

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