Illuminated Exterior Signage

Illuminated Exterior Signage: You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

Signage is crucial for your business. You’re looking for ways to outshine your competition and illuminated exterior signage is the absolute best way to do that. A well-crafted, lighted commercial sign sets your business apart and sends a beacon out to the world that says, “We’re established, trustworthy and ready to serve you.”

And there are other benefits of lighted outdoor business signs as well, including the added security of having a well-lit entrance to make your customers feel safe, while making those who are not your customers feel like they should just walk on by. LED business signs also provide savings on electricity because they only light up at night, when they need it.

Illuminating existing signs can be challenging when you need to get permits and approvals. Don’t let that stop you!
Illuminated signage can be more than lighted lettering. You can really brand your business with a custom LED sign.

Where to Start: Choosing the Right Signage for You

Exterior sign lighting helps tell the story of your brand. There are several types of illuminated exterior signage available– which kind is right for your organization? Channel letter signage? A monument sign? A digital sign? And don’t forget to include wayfinding signage in your exterior signage plan. Once your illuminated exterior signage helps potential customers find your business, your wayfinding signage will guide them in and make them feel welcome.

Illuminated exterior signage is not just for commercial enterprises. Churches with engaging custom LED signs attract more visitors and create a sense of place for parishioners. Not-for-profit organizations also need exterior signage that indicates they are “open for business,” no matter what type of service they provide.

Experiential Marketing Statistics


The increase in revenue small business owners experience after installing an illuminated exterior sign.


The percentage of consumers who believe that a business’ signage reflects the quality of its products or services.


The percentage of consumers who said exterior signage impacted their decision to enter a business for the first time.

My company has partnered with Signworks for several large installations over the past few years. I say “partner” because they are more than a service provider. Their team is extremely intuitive and creative – excited to sit down from the very beginning of a project to learn about our business objectives and provide out of the box ideas and concepts. Their quality of work top notch and we truly value our partnership!

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