Signs play an important role in people’s decision to enter your establishment. And, if you can’t get them in the door, how will you secure their business and gain brand loyalty? Whether your signage is interior or exterior, it must represent your brand well. To get the best ROI out of your signs, follow these keys to attracting customers with signage:


When considering your sign placement, think about where the largest number of people will be able to see it, and make sure that your sign is readable from various locations and distances. To make sure your sign can be read at a good distance, refer to the graphic below. For example, if your sign lettering is two inches tall, the maximum distance from which it can typically be seen is 65 feet.



Contrasting colors on your signs helps the reader distinguish words from the background. Dark text on a lighter background or vice versa is the most attention grabbing. Make sure to bring in your brand colors and other marks to maximize your brand’s ability to make customers associate your sign with your business. To get the maximum attention, make sure your sign does not “blend in with the background. For example, if you are placing your sign on a beige background, you wouldn’t want to make beige your sign’s primary color.


Lighting is often afterthought. But if you want your sign to perform for you at all hours of the day, consider its visibility in the light and dark. Several options exist as a lighting source for your signs. The four most common are incandescent, compact fluorescent, high intensity discharge and LEDs. Each type has its own pros and cons, and an experienced sign company can help you with your decision. Your next consideration that your sign company can help with is the mounting. Depending on the placement and shape of your sign, you may also choose a mounting such as gooseneck, flood or bullet lights.

Spotlights and fluorescents work in tandem to produce a natural cottage feel.

Creating lighting around the building gives this brand a high tech look and feel.

Highighting key areas helps visitors quickly identify points of interest.