You have the best quality products and services, routinely exceed your customers’ expectations and take care of your employees. You keep your promises, but does your brand convey all that? To attract loyal customers and employees, you must make your organization irresistible. Get started with the following five branding tips:

  1. Answer the right questions. Your brand’s message needs to connect to your target audience’s wants and needs. Take a good look at all your signage. Does it answer the right questions? For insight, ask your existing customers about their first impression of your business. What brought them in? What challenges did they face? What kept them coming back? Inventory all your findings before you begin to tackle any messaging missteps.
  2. Be consistent. All of your branding needs to be consistent. While you’re juggling the demands of daily operations, it’s possible that your brand look has been a bit neglected. Have you updated your logo, but failed to update your signage? Is your logo dated and in need of a refresh? According to one FedEx survey, approximately 68 percent of consumers believe that a business’ signage reflects the quality of its products and services.Customers notice inconsistencies, and it makes your brand less compelling to them.
  3. Match the book with the cover. Once you’ve drawn in customers with your exterior signage and facade, does your interior live up to the expectations set by the outside branding? If you upgrade your exterior signage but fail to update branding throughout your business, it appears like a bait and switch to your customers. When doing an upgrade, make sure you plan to brand both the inside and the outside simultaneously.
  4. Match the vision with execution. When upgrading your branding, make sure you’re working with a high quality design and fabrication company that has the means and reputation to carry your ideas from inception to completion. Branding your business is an investment that will provide you with a return on investment if it’s done properly.
  5. Be friendly. Is your business’ space welcoming and easy to navigate? Once a potential customer has walked in the door, do they feel good about that choice? Do they feel comfortable, and do they get an immediate sense of your corporate values and spirit? Can they navigate your space? If you notice visitors looking anything less than comfortable when they’re walking around, you should take a step back and think about why.

When you’re caught up in the everyday, it’s possible for you stop seeing your business as other people see it. That’s why it’s important to periodically take a step back and look at the big picture your brand is painting. If your brand isn’t evoking an irresistible urge in your customers to learn more about you, it’s time to mix things up a bit. Reach out to a branding and sign expert that can help you establish your brand throughout your interior, exterior and all of the spaces in between.