The moment a potential customer sets foot into your business, they are making assumptions. From your staff’s attitude to your building’s design, their brains are coming to conclusions about your company’s values within a matter of seconds. You only get one first impression! And if you care about making the right one, then we cannot stress the importance of lobby signage enough. Continue reading as we explain five reasons why investing in lobby signs for your business is crucial for building successful business-customer relationships.

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What are Lobby Signs?

If you haven’t heard the term ‘lobby signage’ before, there’s no need to fret. It’s exactly what it sounds like! Lobby signs are directional, promotional, and often logo-branded signs that decorate a business lobby. Any prospective client is going to be affected by the way they are initially welcomed into your company. It’s your job to ensure that the space is not only practical but also visually welcoming and impressively designed. You want to send the right message – and investing in indoor signage is the perfect way to secure the best first impression possible.

Having an outdated, tired, or boring-looking lobby could very easily negatively impact your business’s success. It’s time to find simple and cost-effective solutions that can leave a dynamic impact. With custom lobby signs, you can spruce up the appearance of your business whilst also communicating clear and purposeful messaging. It’s a win-win! Let’s dive further into the

Reason #1 – Start on the Right Foot

The modern business climate is highly competitive. With the digital market making it even harder to get your company seen, getting customers through the doors of your business is a difficult feat in itself. But the fight doesn’t end there – your potential clients are overwhelmed with options and businesses to work with, and you need to make a powerful impression to keep their attention once they enter your workplace.

Well-designed and pleasing lobby signs can help build a sense of comfort in your business. Barren walls and sparse branding can make a place feel cold, empty, and uninviting. By placing sleek lobby signage throughout your reception areas, you can both make customers feel comfortable in the environment and help your brand to stand out against its competitors. Make an impact! Draw attention, create a warm environment, and invest in signage to make your lobby or reception as impressive as possible.

Reason #2 – Navigation is Key

There’s nothing worse than being lost. Entering a building for the first time and having no clue where you need to go is a terrible feeling. So many customers will be turned off if they feel as though they have no guidance, or if it seems as though your business is unhelpful in terms of making it easy to navigate the building. Lobby signs are effective wayfinding tools, helping visitors to get around your facility without stress or confusion.

Once a client or customer enters your lobby, they will have greater trust in your business if they can immediately find their way around. Signage can tell visitors where to find restrooms, elevators, offices, reception, or anything else they may need to have a positive experience within your business walls! It’s your job to curate dynamic and seamless customer experiences – and wayfinding lobby signage is essential to making this happen.

Reason #3 – Make Your Values Crystal Clear

When first-time guests enter your facilities, they will be coming to their own conclusions regarding what your business stands for. Lobby signs are a perfect tool to communicate who you are, what you do, and the overarching values of your brand. Industry-leading businesses will use smart sign designs to display company logos, slogans, services, values, and slogans to advertise themselves to new guests. Lobby signage offers a unique opportunity to make your brand story clear and communicate the right message to your audience.

Reason #4 – Show Off Those Awards

Has your business built up awards and accolades over the years? Show them off! Putting your achievements on display can help you make a substantial impact on your visitors. Doing so builds greater levels of trust and confidence in your work. It’s not about branding – take pride in showcasing your work. Lobby signs help you to spark conversations with potential customers by displaying your accomplishments in a unique and professional manner.

Reason #5 – Establish Greater Authority

At the end of the day, your business needs to look good. Great interior design isn’t just there to appeal to the eye. It is a way to display your professionalism, success, and authority. When someone walks through your doors, you want them to know that you are in control and that they are safe in your hands. By investing in high-value lobby signage, you are communicating the success and value of your business and the products or services you can provide.

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