Bringing in fresh waves of customers can seem like an impossible task in today’s modern climate. Between busy streets and the overwhelming world of digital promotion, getting your business noticed is harder than ever. However, great outdoor signs could hold more power than you might think. Continue reading to learn our top six design tricks to attract new customers with your outdoor signage.

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#1 – Location, Location, Location!

So, your sign is going outdoors. The question is: where?

Picking out the right location for your outdoor sign is everything. When attracting customers is the goal, you need to keep that mission at the forefront of your mind. Where is your ideal customer most likely to notice your sign? Consider whether you want to target walking or driving clients, and optimize the locations of your signs to make them noticeable. Function comes above everything else, so ensure that your signage location can snag attention and provide a clear pathway to the front door of your business.

#2 – Less is Always More

A cluttered sign isn’t going to give you very much success at all. When in doubt, opt for minimalism. Your outdoor sign needs to be legible, comprehensible, and clearly communicate what your business can provide. If logos, words, or images in any way impact how clear, understandable, and noticeable your sign is, then remove it! Keep things simple, concise, and don’t include anything unnecessary.

#3 – Analyze Your Competitors

Effective outdoor signage needs to be unique. You need to stand out amongst all the other businesses in your area, who are all fighting just as hard to capture the attention of potential customers passing by. If your signs are identical to those of your competitors… well, you won’t have a chance of capturing your desired attention.

Take the time to evaluate the outdoor signs your competitors are using. Look at the types of signs, their placements, and their design. What works, and what doesn’t? How can you take their strengths and improve upon them? What will make you stand out? By considering all these factors, you set your business up to stick out in the best way possible.

#4 – Don’t Forget Clarity

At the end of the day, outdoor signage is a practical tool. As artsy and visually dynamic as you might want your signs to look, that is not their main duty. You need to create send that are clear and legible. What is your business, where is it, and what can it provide? At a simple glance, your sign needs to answer all these questions. Don’t fall into the trap of super-minimalism or edgy contemporary design – outdoor signs need to bring in customers, and no customers are going to waltz into a business if they have no idea what’s on offer!

Keep your signs clear and concise. Consider font and lettering size, ensuring that the words on your sign will be read from a good distance away from your business.

#5 – Prioritize Your Colour Scheme

We’re not asking you to go study the science of colour theory and the psychological impacts of particular combinations. However, taking the time to really think about your colour scheme preferences and their potential effects can make a significant difference in the effectiveness of your signage. Don’t stay stubborn when it comes to ‘brand colours’ or your ideal hues – sometimes, what works for a logo simply won’t work for outdoor signage.

Your signs need to be visible from a distance. Having colours with enough contrast is essential to making sure that your sign doesn’t look like one big blur of colour as soon as you take a few steps back. Chat with a design expert about basic colour schemes, and prioritize creating a sign that will pop and be readable from a distance.

#6 – Invest in Quality

Nobody wants to waste money. However, there is only so much impact you can make if you only use cheap, poor-quality, and badly designed signs. Working with expert signage designers doesn’t need to cost a fortune, but any extra costs are sure to pay off. By investing in the highest quality of design and product, you increase your chances of finding success from your signage. Once your top-quality signs bring in new waves of customers, the costs will be made up in no time at all!

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