You know you need safety signs at your business to comply with laws and to keep you, your employees, and your customers safe. But did you know there are 6 types of safety signs, and that they all have different purposes?

Our blog shows you the 6 types of safety signs and what they all mean. To get started on making a safety sign for your business, contact our team at Signworks today!

Safety Signs for Businesses

Health and safety signs are easily distinguishable from other types of signage. Usually black, red, and/or yellow on white backgrounds, they’re typically easy to interpret whether they have text written on them or not. This makes them recognizable and understandable wherever you are in the world!

The 6 Types of Safety Signs

The 6 main types of safety signs are:

1. Prohibition Signs

Prohibition signs outline what you aren’t allowed to do in a certain area. These are usually white signs with black symbols and a red diagonal line through them. The ‘No Smoking’ and ‘No Entry’ signs are widely recognized as prohibition signs the world over, along with signs that indicate no cell phones, no photography, no dogs, and so on.

2. Mandatory Signs

Mandatory signs explain what you must do. While prohibition signs say what you can’t do, mandatory signs are the opposite. These days we’re familiar with signs indicating we must wear masks in certain areas, and so these signs fall under the category of mandatory signs. Mandatory signs are common in industrial areas and construction sites. In these areas they usually indicate you must wear hearing protection and/or eye protection, keep fire doors closed, and keep an area clear.

3. Danger Signs

Even if it’s just a simple exclamation mark, a danger sign is easily distinguishable from other types of signage. A ‘Danger: Do Not Enter’ sign is an example of a danger sign, as is the skull and crossbones.

4. Warning Signs

Warning signs show what can hurt you if you ignore their warning. While the hazard it’s alerting you to isn’t life-threatening in most cases, it still shows you how you could get hurt. ‘Slippery When Wet’ is a typical warning sign, which you tend to find around public pools and water parks.

5. Emergency Information Signs

Emergency information signs remind you to put your safety first if something were to go wrong. They show where you can find equipment like a defibrillator, first aid kit, emergency phone, or other safety equipment. They can also point you towards a fire exit, direct you to push a door to open it, or show you where the closest assembly point is.

6. Fire Signs

Fire equipment signs show you where the equipment is located, should you need it. In the event you’re waiting for the fire brigade, a fire alarm call point sign can show you where the fire extinguisher is, along with fire blankets, fire hoses, and so on.

Safety First With Signworks

When your business needs a safety sign, Signworks has what you’re looking for. Our signage gives clear instructions so that everybody can understand them, making your business a safe place to be. To get started on your sign, contact our team at Signworks today.