3 Great Reasons to Add Signage to Your Car

As a business owner, you know that advertising is everything. And as a human, you know that advertising is everywhere. No matter where you are, somebody is selling you something— even if you don’t realize it! So why not take advantage of it? Adding signage to your vehicle can turn your car into a mobile advertisement that’s seen by up to 2,300 people a day, making it well worth the investment.

This blog talks about the people and businesses who adds signage to their car, and things you should consider if you decide to go down this route. For personalized advice or to find out more about car signage, contact our team at Signworks today.

Who Adds Signage to Their Car?

You’ve seen big businesses and their vehicles driving around town. Whether they’re making a delivery, or going from client to client, the signage on their car advertises who they are and what they do. Vehicle wraps, or car signage, can even increase your company’s brand recognition by 15%!

And it’s not just the big guys. Even when small to medium business owners are off the clock, simply parking their car adorned with signage will do the advertising all on its own. When your employees are dispersed around a large area, having more than one car with signage can easily double your reach without you needing to lift a finger.

What to Consider When Thinking About Car Signage

If you’ve got something to say, you may as well make an impact when you do! Here are some suggestions for you to consider when thinking about adding signage to your car:

Stick to Your Branding

Don’t stray from your business’ color scheme or graphic design. Keeping your advertising cohesive will ensure potential customers connect your car signage to the sign at your front door, and commit that to memory.

Consider the Vehicle

We’ve all seen those ‘design fail’ pictures around the Internet. A van with signage looks fine as it drives along, but when the sliding door opens, some text disappears, or an image of a face gets cut in half, and it’s no longer making the impression you wanted. Make sure the sign’s design and size fits the vehicle it will be going on.

Keep it Short and Sweet

With car signage, you want to make a good impression as quickly as possible. When that light turns green you don’t want your potential customer to be halfway through reading lengthy text about who you are! Consider implementing a QR code into the design so people can grab your information while you’re there, then dive into your details.

Why You Should Add Signage to Your Car

You use your car nearly every day— make it work for you, while you drive it to work!

Attract more customers

People need to know who you are and what you do. It’s one thing to look up a plumber online when you have an emergency, but you want your plumbing business to come to mind before that point. Making yourself known locally can help your neighbors associate you with the service you provide.

Remind your current customers

A lot of eyes will see you when you’re zipping through the city, especially if your car is sporting a snazzy decal! When your regular client Bob sees you drive past, it will remind him that leaky faucet needs fixing. That will then prompt him to give you a call, which wouldn’t have happened without your on-the-go advertising!

Get the most from your advertising campaign

You went through the effort of finding a fantastic graphic designer and perfecting your logo and signage. Get as much out of it as you can! Don’t stop at singular signs that rely on people coming to you.

Ready to Get Started on Car Signage?

If you’ve been considering adding signage to your car, we hope this article has helped you realize its benefits. Remember, you’re representing your business in what is essentially your mobile billboard. At Signworks we’ve been making signage for over 30 years, and can create temporary or long-term vehicle wraps for your car or truck. To get started on mobilizing your advertising, get in touch today!