Spending thousands of dollars on something that you will throw away after a period of time seems counter-intuitive. That said, it actually makes good dollars and sense to invest in non-permanent construction site signage and advertising. And, here’s why …

Construction Site Signage and Advertising

  1. Establish your brand. Conspicuous signage creates memory for the location and develops an association with the products/services that will be available. Because of this brand memory development, site signs can reach more qualified prospects than radio, TV and print ads. They perform 24 hours per day, 7 days per week acting as silent salespeople.
  2. Reinforce brand recall. Signage and ads at the construction site lend support to other advertising efforts by helping potential prospects remember the brand. They provide a strong visual cue so that every mention of the brand reinforces the ability of prospects to recall the brand’s future location.
  3. Create anticipation. While banners can tell the audience what is being built by whom, wraps are large enough to showcase images of how it will look and create a sense of excitement, especially for the early adopters who want to be part of the newest and coolest that life has to offer.
  4. Return your investment. In a report from the University of Cincinnati, 65 percent of businesses surveyed report that sign changes/enhancements increased sales; 62 percent said their transactions increased; and 59 percent reported an increase in profits attributable to the signage. When determining the value and return on investment for signage, consider the following:
    1. The cost of the sign over time. What is the signage cost divided by the length of time that it will be in use? Make your signage one of your first expenditures so that you may maximize its advertising ability.
    2. Consider the potential future savings. How much would you save by not having to advertise or invest in salespeople after the location is open? If your signage pre-sells your location, you will likely incur a significant savings on future sales and marketing initiatives.

Because construction site signage can serve multiple purposes, it’s worth checking out. As always, do your homework on sign builders. Choose one that can help you navigate the permits and variances while offering eye-catching creative. Check their services and portfolios, and be sure to call them with any questions.