Business signage plays a crucial role in your overall brand identity and marking. However, countless business owners can underestimate the impact of great signs. How many stores have you seen with unmemorable signs? How many businesses have you not engaged with because of their unappealing or unclear signage out front?

As you consider investing in signage for your business, it can be hard to know where to start. We’re making things a little bit easier with our definitive list of the six types of signage every business needs. Continue reading to learn more.

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1. Outdoor Signage

Outdoor signage covers a lot of things. Often, this is your branded storefront signs — the first thing potential customers will see as they pass by. It is about making your business obvious to those who may be looking for it while also capturing the attention of those passing by. Your outdoor signage needs to be durable enough to withstand weather, while also making an impact on those who see it. Outdoor signage can include:

  • Entrance signage
  • Window signage
  • Banners
  • Billboards
  • Magnetic signage
  • Window decals
  • Awnings
  • And much more!

2. Informational Signage

A lot of signage is all about function. This doesn’t mean that it can’t be well-designed or visually appealing, but this type of signage is all about communicating key information.

You need signage that displays the name of your business, what you do, your opening hours, your location, your contact details, and any other key information that customers may need to know at a quick glance. The easier this information is to find, the more likely a customer is to engage.

3. Brand Identity Signage

Remember, your signage should be about far more than just function. It’s a representation of your business identity, values, and services. Even the tiniest design tweaks can drastically change how a customer perceives your company from just one glance at a sign.

Be sure to invest in signage that solidifies your brand identity. This means memorable logos, distinct color palettes, clear values, and even previous success. If your business has awards to display or great testimonies to boast, those can be included in signage! At the end of the day, everything should serve your brand identity.

4. Wayfinding Signage

Let’s circle back to function. Wayfinding signage, also known as directional signage, is an essential part of the customer experience. If a customer can’t find their way around, their experience within your business is going to be negative.

Directional signage guides customers to your reception area, around the parking lot, and throughout the store. You need these instructions to be obvious, eye-catching, bold, and concise. If your customer finds it easy to find their way around, they’re much more likely to return!

5. Safety Signage

Having good signage can even be a legal matter. When it comes to safety, you need warnings to be clearly communicated. Any areas that could potentially be hazards need to be marked boldly, clearly, and without any room for confusion. This includes wet floors, trip hazards, areas that might become slippery with rain, and anything else of the sort. Have signage ready to go to avoid any accidents.

6. Vehicle Signage

Never underestimate the power of a logo on wheels. If you have a company vehicle, make use of it! Branded signage on your vehicle is an instant, on-the-go marketing campaign. Cars, vans, trucks, motorbikes — you name it, and you can get signage to transform it into a moving billboard. This can help people in your local area to see your business and broaden your potential customer base.

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No matter what type of signs you need, getting the highest quality design around is key. Having a sign complete its function is one thing, but by investing money into high-quality designs, your signage could have a greater impact than you could have imagined.

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