Digital signage is a platform that involves the ability to playback digital content to convey a variety of information such as news, adverts, and weather updates. It is a dynamic way to facilitate external and internal communication, share product details, and improve customer service.

These electronic displays can be used in public and private settings, such as retails shops, restaurants and building fronts, and generally utilize such technologies as projected images, OLED, LE or LCD.

Read on to learn about the different types of digital signage available and how they could benefit your business. For personalized advice or to create a custom sign, contact our team at Signworks.

Types Of Digital Signage

There is an array of signage types that can be put into use depending on your specific requirements. These can include visual screen displays and LCD monitors, graphics and digital images, live videos and video walls, projections and webpages. The options are exciting, adaptable and versatile. Digital signage is a modern and ever-developing mode of signage that is streets ahead of the old, one-dimensional formats.

Why Digital Signage?

Digital signage is effective and popular because it is often far more eye-catching than static signage due to its ability to facilitate movement, alternating interfaces and interactive displays.

Regular changes of content, messaging, images, and graphics can engage your target audience with up-to-date and interesting information. Fresh and relevant signage keeps your viewers’ attention.

The platform is easy to update and control once the initial integration work has been performed, and countless options exist to suit your needs. You can keep the layout simple or make it complex and detailed. There is also the ability to have as many screens in your space as you desire.

What Can You Do With Digital Signage?

This form of content distribution is most beneficial when located in a prominent position, such as a store window. There are so many ways that you can use digital signage to engage your clients, customers, staff or visitors, including access to interactive forms.

Promoting offers related to products, events, and facilities is a great way to take advantage of this signage format. It can also be used to advertise current stock or services and display marketing messages and logos.

When facilitating communication with staff members, it is important that information, such as meeting information and schedules, is comprehendible, interesting and clear. Another exciting option is to presenting inspirational quotes. Digital signage can allow you to deliver information to your staff that will keep them up-to-date and ensure your business continues to function smoothly.

Digital signage is also an effective way to provide information to guests and residents in settings such as hotels. Provide them with such information as details about services you offer and events that are occurring. Similarly, digital signage is a great way to providing clientele and customers with menus, maps and directions in a range of locations. Alerting people to emergency messages and updates is also a useful feature.

What Will Work For You?

There are a number of things to consider when you plan to incorporate digital signage, which is where Signworks can help you. We will inform you of your options and support you through the decision process and beyond.

Firstly, break down what your budget is. We will talk with you about the number of screens you want and where you would like them to be located. We can also help you decide what content is important for you to display and how.

Dynamic digital content is popular and effective in today’s technology-driven world. Embracing this interactive form of communication and advertisement can be significantly beneficial to your business.

Create a Custom Digital Sign For Your Business

At Signworks, we will listen to your business needs and provide you with inspiration and clarification. We will work with you to develop exciting digital signage that will promote your content in an engaging and modern way, and make your business stand out.

Keep up with today’s exciting advances in advertising and messaging and contact us today so we can help you reach your business goals.