If you’re looking for proper business signage, there’s plenty of lingo and buzzwords that are thrown around. ‘Wayfinding’ is just one of those terms that can trip some people up. Though sometimes (incorrectly!) used interchangeably, the terms ‘wayfinding’ and ‘signage’ mean different things. Continue reading as we break down the differences and similarities between these two words and the impact they can have on your business signage if used correctly.

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Signage vs Wayfinding

Wayfinding and signage are closely related, but the differences are distinct. Though they often work together for a business, the terms themselves mean different things.

Wayfinding is a system made up of a combination of tools that help people navigate a business or workplace. Wayfinding signage is just one factor involved in this system, acting as physical markers to help control the flow of traffic and guide people to where they need to go.

Signage encompasses all the visual communication needed to support the navigation of a space. This is tailored towards everyone who uses the environment, from customers and staff to visitors. Wayfinding refers to the system as a whole, sharing the same intention but covering more than just physical signage.

Why is Wayfinding So Important?

Businesses and offices seem to grow more complex every year. Naturally, wayfinding systems have to follow suit — and this includes signage.

Great wayfinding signage is all about communicating important information clearly and concisely. This signage is always designed to support overall wayfinding needs, creating a unique system to help guide staff and customers alike to where they need to go. Businesses have individual needs and challenges, and without a custom wayfinding system, they can lose valuable potential customers.

Modern wayfinding is even starting to expand into the digital sphere. This can include wayfinding kiosks, QR codes, interactive floor plans, and more. Whatever options you choose, the user experience should always come first.

The Advantages of High-Quality Wayfinding

Having a good wayfinding system in place, including signage, will improve the customer experience. It can ease frustration and make your business more trustworthy, comfortable, and appealing. Combining signage with interactive directory software such as QR codes or a mobile app will make navigating your business as simple as possible — and customers will be much more likely to want to return!

It’s also worth considering how your employees will benefit from effective wayfinding systems. Not only will new employees have a much easier time getting familiar with your workplace and get more productive more quickly, but long-term employees can also benefit from helpful wayfinding. These days, remote working is more popular than ever, and it is possible to have employees who aren’t familiar with your offices, even after working there for quite some time.

Plus, they will have to spend much less work time having to direct confused customers if the system can handle it for them!

How to Create Impactful Wayfinding Signage

Here’s the thing about signage created to play a part in a wayfinding system: it needs to be as clear as possible. You need to prioritize designing signs that can be understood at a glance. The last thing you need is customers wandering your parking lot, building, or storefront in confusion. Take into consideration font style and size, as well as how the colors of the sign can impact readability and clarity.

Focus on creating signage that can grab attention immediately, be highly visible, and leave no possible room for confusion. Map out all the spots that you think will need signage and trial what type of signs you think will be most effective in those different areas.

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