All businesses have their own personalities, and churches are no different. Church signage not only tells people where they are, but it also tells them what they can expect when they go inside. Historically church signage was simply informational and served to let churchgoers know when and where services were held, but today they’re so much more.

This article explores the purpose of church signs and the types of church signage that are commonly used. For personalized advice, contact our team at Signworks today.

What Church Signage Does

Let’s go beyond the basics with this one. Yes, church signage still does what it has always set out to do, which is to tell people when and where events and services are held. Now with our populations more spread out and with advances in technology, church signage can be as spectacular as they are useful.

1. Creates Awareness and Visibility

If you’ve recently moved to a new town, are visiting for work, or are taking a trip to see family and friends, many people’s first priority is to find a church that aligns with their beliefs. While many churches rely on locals knowing where the church is and therefore thinking they don’t need to advertise, this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Along with people new to town, others may find religion or choose to convert and need to find a new church for themselves. Church signage will direct them where they want to go.

2. Shows Personality

Some churches are very traditional in their approach, while others may be more laid back. The signage for your church reflects its personality and lets people know the type of experience they may be in for. For instance, young people who are familiar with technology and the latest slang will tend to be drawn more to a church with digital signage, whereas older people will likely prefer a church with more traditional signage.

3. Provides Directions to Churchgoers

The directions to your church don’t stop inside the door. From there, visitors will need to know how to navigate the area and find specific areas such as the bathrooms. Keeping informational signage flowing through your church helps to keep crowds moving freely.

4. Keeps the Community Engaged

Other than your church’s name and other information relating to its values, church signage helps to keep communities engaged and up-to-date with relevant local information. This could be general announcements, service information, and details of special events such as what day the bake sale will be held or when the Christmas parade is. By advertising these events you can increase the number of people who will visit and take part, helping to keep locals engaged with their community and each other.

Types Of Church Signage

The most popular types of church signage include:

1. Light box signs

These light up to draw attention to themselves and to ensure visibility at night or on overcast, cloudy, or snowy days. Typically light box signs will display a church’s name and artwork, but they can also include any other additional information.

2. Outdoor LED signs

Whether as a standalone sign or a combination of an LED sign and a permanent light box, displaying your church’s name and logo on an outdoor LED sign is an effective way to communicate.

3. Changeable letter signs

Changeable letter signs are one of the more traditional and well-known types of church signage. These require a person to manually change the sign letter by letter.

4. Monument signs

Another longtime well-known form of church signage, monument signs pay homage to the traditional architecture of the church and blend in seamlessly while providing necessary information.

Interested In A New Sign For Your Church?

If you’ve realized that your church signage may be outdated or not performing at its best, it may be time for a new sign. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or more modern approach, church signage can come in all shapes and sizes and we’re happy to provide them for you. At Signworks, we’ve been creating signage for churches and businesses for over 30 years and we’d love to help you next. To get started on your new church signage, contact our team today.