Apartment signage is in an entirely different ballpark than other types of signage such as for churches and businesses. In many cases, this signage is put up by the rental company or landlord. Regardless of who implemented the apartment signage, the importance of these signs can’t be overstated. Ensuring they’re informative, useful, and performing the job they’re meant to be doing is just the beginning of apartment signage requirements.

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What Should Apartment Signage Be?

Above all else, apartment signage should:

  • Match the building’s existing décor
  • Fit in the allocated budget
  • Adhere to all relevant compliance requirements

The specific compliance requirements for apartment signage may vary depending on your location. Ensure you become familiar with the laws that apply to you prior to commissioning, making, or installing any apartment signage.

What Does Good Apartment Signage Do?

1. Complies With All Regulatory Requirements

Regulatory requirements help residents and guests to safely access the building whenever they need to. As mentioned earlier, the specifics of the requirements that apply to particular buildings will vary depending on a number of factors such as the building’s location, size, how many apartments it contains, how many residents it houses, and so on. Generally, these requirements aim to ensure there is enough room for access for daily living and for safe evacuation in an emergency.

2. Helps People Get Where They Need To Go

You may think of wayfinding signs (signs that direct people to certain locations in a building or institution) are just for places like hotels, hospitals, and large office buildings. However, they’re just as useful in apartment buildings. Whether you’re just moving in, visiting a friend or family member, or delivering mail, encountering wayfinding signage as you enter the building can reduce feelings of stress and overwhelm. Wayfinding signage should point out which apartment numbers are in which direction, and may direct you to common areas such as the parking garage, bathrooms, an in-house café, or back towards the lobby.

3. Is Welcoming

The difference between apartment signage and other signage such as for businesses is that it should feel homely. After all, an apartment building is a home to many people! Apartment signage should feel welcoming and friendly as opposed to simply informational with no extra elements. Using graphics and/or fonts that make people feel at ease should be a high priority, along with colors, shapes, and materials that speak to the building and its residents.

4. Uses Durable Materials And Modern Processes

It may feel tempting to use a cheaper and less durable material for apartment signage, but in the long run, this may actually cost you more. When you use durable materials they tend to last longer than their flimsier counterparts, which is important in an apartment building. This is because people come and go all day, making everywhere a high-traffic area automatically. And unlike office buildings, which typically only see adults going in and out, apartment buildings are also home to children and pets who may cause wear and tear to your signage. Generally, it’s best to have something done well the first time than to sacrifice quality and need to replace it sooner rather than later.

5. Blends Art And Architecture

Taking the architecture of the building itself into consideration is key when contemplating apartment signage. It’s important to pay homage to the building and blend in while also standing out enough that residents and visitors take notice. For example, a hyper-modern style of signage probably won’t suit an older building but may suit a newly-constructed building with all the modern bells and whistles.

Need Apartment Signage?

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