What does a custom house sign say? I hear you replying with, “It’s custom— it can say anything I want!” And yes, that’s certainly true! But in addition to that, what does it say, without using its actual signage? It turns out a custom house sign says more than just what’s printed on it or engraved or lasered into it. But can one work for your home?

This blog explains all there is to know about custom house signs such as why you may want one and the impression they can give, so you can determine if one could be a good fit for your home. For further information, personalized advice, or to get started on designing your custom house sign, contact our team at Signworks today.

Do You… Want To Stand Out From The Crowd?

A custom house sign can make your guests realize they’re in the right place even before you open the door! If you’re all about marching to the beat of your own drum, a custom house sign will ensure your friends are completely confident it’s your doorbell they’re ringing, rather than your next door neighbor’s. Even if your custom house sign doesn’t say your name, or even your house or apartment number, you can style your custom house sign any way you like to make it yours.

Anybody who comes up to your home— friends, family, neighbors, the mailman— will instantly feel the individual and personalized ambience a custom house sign will bring. While the rest of the houses on your street or on your block simply display their house number, if you’re into standing out from the crowd, a custom house sign may be just what your home’s façade needs!

Do You… Want To Welcome Them Home?

A custom house sign will give your home the welcoming vibe you love to display before your family even step through the front door. Help them feel right at home with a custom house sign, like you’re welcoming them back after a long voyage or international vacation. Whether they’ve been away for a day or a year, there’s nothing better than coming home to where you belong. And what better way to give your house the homey vibe than with a custom house sign?

Do You… Want To Exude Sophisticated Charm?

It’s always nice to have that little extra touch of class. A custom house sign will immediately let your visitors and guests know that your home is your pride and joy, and that you’ve put thought into each and every little finishing touch. To make your house the envy of the street, go for a high quality material for your sign and consider keeping it minimal and monochromatic.

Do You… Want To Name Your Home?

Maybe you run a vacation rental from your home, or own an investment property that you rent out over the summer. Even if you don’t, it’s always nice to give your home a name! Many older properties come with names already, often paying homage to a previous owner from long ago (or even the original owner or builder).

If your home is currently nameless, you can change that with a custom house sign. For the beach rentals, go with a breezy ocean-themed name so that your guests will know straight away which abode is theirs for the weekend. Fix it next to or above the door (or anywhere it can be seen easily), and you’ll never have to field calls from lost renters again!

Do You… Run A Business From Home?

Many people had been running businesses from their homes for as long as businesses have been around. When you work for yourself or run a small company, it can make sense to operate out of an office or spare bedroom in your home, or convert the garage, basement, or in-law suite into an office.

If your business welcomes customers, you want them to know where to find you! If you work from an office inside your home, you could consider two signs— one welcoming personal guests, and one letting your customers know this is where they can find you. Perhaps your workshop is in the backyard— in that case, a sign stating your business name and an arrow pointing to where you are can work wonders.

Interested In A Custom House Sign For Your Home?

With over 30 years of experience in creating signage for houses, apartment buildings, schools, churches, and a whole range of businesses, our team at Signworks has been leaving impressions all over the country. No matter how big or small, we approach every project with precision and professionalism to help you display exactly what you intend to. To get started on a custom house sign for your home, get in contact with our team today.