Educational signage can convey a large number of messages. Whether the signage is for the students, teachers, other staff, or visitors, signage is vital in schools.

However, not all signage is the same. The way a sign looks and how it is worded can make a large difference in who notices the sign, understands it, and complies with any instructions it may have.

This blog explains the importance of educational signage for schools of all types that cater to students of all ages. To enquire about signage for your school or educational facility, contact our experienced team at Signworks today.

Why Does A School Need Educational Signage?

Having clear and easily understandable educational signage can help your school look and feel like a professional and safe place for learning, and help educators to retain control over their classrooms. Additionally, high-quality educational signage is a key element in making good impressions on potential new students and their families.

Educational signage comes in many different types, and each type has its own distinct purpose.

Types Of Educational Signage

1. Monument Signs

Monument signs are usually at the entrance to a school, located near the reception or front desk area. This type of sign announces which school it is. In addition to the school’s name, monument signs often feature the school’s emblem or crest.

Monument signs are very customizable. They are usually customized to the school’s colors and can include additional signage within it, such as an image of the school mascot. Monument signs are a great way to demonstrate school pride and welcome students and teachers to school each day.

2. Front Office Signage

This type of signage is in the reception area and serves to mostly welcome visitors and other members of the community to the school. While students and teachers tend to go to their classrooms at the beginning of the day, visitors need a central place to go and gather information about the school. Front office signage should act as the ‘ambassador’ to the building and the school itself.

3. Vehicle Signage

Vehicle signage like graphics and wraps are a great way to get your school’s name out in the community. School busses often feature this type of signage to demonstrate to road users who is on board the bus, and to serve as an advertisement of sorts to potential students and their families. Vehicle graphics and wraps represent the school to the world, making them a wise investment.

4. Health And Safety Signage

Educational signage does more than just announce your school to the world. Students of all ages can benefit from health and safety signage, as can teachers and other staff. These signs can be printed posters, banners, freestanding signs, or any other type of signage that conveys health and safety information. Usually, these signs remind people to wash their hands, cover their cough or sneeze, and so on.

Entrance and exit signs can also be under the umbrella of health and safety signage, as they aid in helping people to find exits from a building where necessary.

5. Wayfinding Signage

Once the monument sign and/or the front office signage has welcomed people into the school, they need to be able to find their way around. Wayfinding signage can be a singular sign or a sign pointing to many different directions that explains how to find the area they’re looking for. These signs often point to classrooms, libraries, restrooms, and cafeterias.

6. Informational Signage

Informational signage elaborates further on what is expected of somebody when within the school’s grounds. These signs can convey a range of information, for example, that it is a smoke-free campus. Informational signage can also remind drivers of speed limits, display how many parking spaces are left in the parking lot, and other necessary information.

7. Positive Behavior And Learning Signage

This type of signage is aimed toward students, especially those in elementary, middle, or early high school. These signs serve to remind students of the core values they are expected to uphold, such as treating others with respect. These signs are usually colorful, permanent fixtures as core values and expectations remain the same.

This type of signage also aims to facilitate learning within the classroom. For example, elementary schools may have times tables charts or banners featuring a word for each letter of the alphabet.

Interested In Educational Signage?

If your school could benefit from new signage, whether it’s new altogether or an upgrade of what it has currently, our team at Signworks has you— and your school— covered. We’re experienced in making all types of educational signage, including but not limited to the types we’ve discussed today. If you’re interested in seeing what Signworks can do for you, reach out to us today!