When most people consider signs, they find them useful for locating a city, a business, or a home. Of course signs do fulfill that function, but the benefits of signage go even deeper for your company. An academic organization, the Sign Research Foundation, finds that signs “can reinforce an organization’s brand, communicate and inform customers, or support an enriched customer experience.” On three levels, then, does your signage help your business: in marketing, in sales, and in customer satisfaction.
The Sign Research Foundation’s case study on retail signage and best practices for increasing ROI shows significant economic impact for businesses from their signage. In fact, a shopper study done by independent market research team BrandSpark International and broken down by Dr. James Kellaris for The Sign Research Foundation shows that 29 percent of the 10,000 American shoppers surveyed say they have entered new stores based on quality signage. In addition, more than 34 percent of surveyed shoppers say they have drawn conclusions about the quality of a business’ products based on the company’s attractive signage.
All of this data calls for business owners’ attention. If effective signage can drive traffic and sales for your company, shouldn’t you figure out whether your current signs belong in that category? Look at your sales records from before your current signage went up, and compare it month-over month and year-over-year to your records after implementation. Has your signage brought you a return on your investment?
Further, could that return be even better? Trends in signage this year go beyond anything most business owners have ever seen before, including texture printing, building wraps, and environmental design. Print your signs in the texture of one of your products, wrap a two-story sign around your building, or tie the entire reception area into a branded representation of your company. There really are no limits with the technology available today.

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