Exterior signage takes on many different forms. Whether it is a person in front of a business dancing and holding a sign, simple lettering mounted on a building, or a monument, exterior signage exists to attract more attention and draw in more customers. That’s why it’s essential to not underestimate the value of lighting in your signage. On a rainy overcast day, in fog (or smog), and at night, illuminated signage can be a beacon to potential visitors to your establishment. Consider the following benefits of using illuminated exterior signage for your business:

It elevates your brand.

Lighting in your exterior signage is an excellent branding tool that boldly articulates your brand. Illuminated exterior signage designed by a qualified signmaker, will make visitors and passersby:

  • Think that you are a well-established brand. Lighted signage is perceived as high end branding, and people associate the sophisticated look with success. You can build credibility and reputation with well-designed illuminated signage.
  • Feel connected with your brand. Branding your space will give visitors an emotional call to action to engage with your brand. Illuminated signage can create a specific mood or atmosphere that give your visitors a sense of belonging.
  • Do business with your brand. Perhaps most importantly, illuminated signage gives you the advantage over your competition with an ever-growing group of impulse buyers. Those who buy on impulse quickly process your visuals and make nearly instant decisions about your brand, so shine on.

It is evergreen promotion.

Like your website, your signs should promote your brand 24/7/365. Illuminated signage imprints your brand into the minds of passersby whether you are open or not. Something as important to your business as signage shouldn’t be out of commission just because it’s not bright and sunny. While other local businesses go dark, your business can continue to actively market itself with bright, dynamic and engaging illuminated exterior signage rain or shine.


It increases security in around your business.

Dark buildings invite vandals. And dim lots are prime targets for burglars. With illuminated signage, you can shed light around your premises that will serve to deter would-be thieves. Plus, your clientele will feel safer visiting on days when it gets light later and dark earlier.

All things considered, illuminated exterior signage can be a great return on investment, especially compared to expensive traditional advertising. Once it’s there, it can perform over a long period of time with little maintenance. And depending on what type of lighting you get, it can have low energy costs and eco-friendly. If you are ready to upgrade the external branding of your business with illuminated exterior signage, contact Signworks.