“A stunning first impression was not the same thing as love at first sight. But surely it was an invitation to consider the matter.” -Lois McMaster Bujold

The idea that every potential customer will instantly experience love at first sight with your brand truly is a fantasy, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying. You can realistically expect to make a stellar first impression. And, one of the easiest and most impactful ways for your business to make excellent first impressions is through the use of illuminated exterior signage. There are various types of illuminated exterior signs, and it is important that you equip your business with the right kinds of signage to attract new customers, make your business stand out, draw in new customers and engage passersby in your brand. Here are a few types of illuminated exterior signs that can make a lasting impression.

Channel letter signs. Channel letter signs draw in potential customers by prominently and brightly displaying your company name and logo. This type of illuminated exterior signage consists of individually formed metal letters configured and installed on an exterior wall of your location. Experienced signmakers can mold the letter frames to feature your business’ logo or any other graphics that you may desire as well. The letters are internally illuminated with LED lights that can be programmed to display a wide variety of colors and effects. Channel letter signs light up the night sky with your business’ name and can be many customers’ first opportunity to experience and engage with your brand. If you’re looking to reduce energy costs, consider using halo lit channel letter signs. These illuminated exterior signs are variants of regular channel letter signs that only have to be turned on at night. They are called halo lit because the light source gives the letters a halo effect instead of shining through the letters.

Monument signs. Monument signs are free-standing, eye level signs constructed in a highly visible spot on your company’s property. One of the many reasons why signs are so important for a business is because they act as a way to reinforce your company’s brand. Because of the many options in monument sign design customization, they are incredibly effective branding tools, tailored to match the design of your illuminated exterior signage with the essence of your brand. Monument signs also give a sense of establishment, stability and reliability in your brand by creating a sense of fixture and validation in your company. If your business is currently working to overcome the difficulty of being located on a unique property with low visibility from a road, then illuminated monument signs would be especially effective.

Digital signs. People passing by and potential customers can walk right past your business, without ever knowing anything about what you are all about. Communication with those individuals about who you are, what you do and what you have going on is one way to transform your business from another brick in the wall to irresistible. Digital signs come in a variety of sizes and offer a lot of flexibility in where they can be located. Digital signs have a resolution similar to a standard television and can be used to display scrolling messages, animations and even commercials. This type of illuminated exterior signage not only quickly displays important company information, but it also gives passersby a sense of confidence in how modern and innovative your business is.

Directional signs. Making guests feel welcomed at your location is a crucial part of making a solid first impression. Customers who are lost or confused while they are at your location will have a poor impression. Wayfinding signage is key to overcoming that. Illuminated exterior wayfinding signage helps customers navigate your business from the moment they pull into the lot. Exterior wayfinding signs direct traffic in parking lots, indicate different entrances and exits and can guide people with directional arrows. Brightly illuminating these signs helps them stand out during the day and ensures their readability at night. Make your business’ first impression welcoming with illuminated exterior wayfinding signage.

Customers aren’t just going to fall in love with your business the first time they see it, but a great first impression is the best way to move towards that kind of brand engagement. Make an absolutely stellar first impression by branding your business with engaging, professional and attention-grabbing illuminated exterior signage.

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